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The Idea Behind Visualisation

You will have heard the phrase”you are what you eat”; well it is a well known fact that “you are what you think”!
Let me explain this more fully. The mind comprises of the conscious and the subconscious.
The conscious mind deals with all the day-to-day information that comes your way via everyday activities or situations. It has a quick turnover; you come across a situation, think about it, deal with it and move on. You do this thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of times a day. These memories are then passed to your subconscious where they stay until you choose to remember them.
The subconscious lies just below the conscious and is responsible for your learned behaviour and everything that you do automatically. It is also responsible for your attitudes, beliefs and the way you deal with situations. Whatever you tell your subconscious, it will do, it has no option. Therefore, if you keep telling yourself:

“I will never get pregnant”
“I am always getting ill”
“I will never lose weight, be stress free, have a happy life.....

this is exactly what you WILL get! You see, the subconscious acts on what you tell it but you must be specific and positive. You need to convince your subconscious that the things you wish for are already in place, it will then take it as a fact and act to make it happen. You do this by visualising, or imagining that the scenario that you are hoping for is already in place. Through repetition of this technique your subconscious will then replace your embedded negative belief with a more positive belief, helping you to achieve the desired result. This is called visualisation or guided imagery.

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