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Reflexology with Kay Tagney MAR MHS Dip Hyp MHS FMBBRS - Specialising in Pregnancy and Pre Conception

As well as being a Reflexologist I am a qualified Hypnotherapist
For Hypnotherapy and HypnoBirthing please 'CLICK HERE' to visit New Beginnings Hypnotherapy

Reflexology is a natural, gentle therapy that encourages the body to restore its own healthy balance as well as being extremely effective at inducing deep relaxation. This is achieved by the therapist applying pressure to various points on the feet using the thumbs and fingers.

I am based in Ware, which is easily accessible from Hertford, Harlow, Cheshunt, Hoddesdon, Broxbourne, Cuffley and the surrounding areas of East Hertfordshire and the Essex borders

I am a qualified reflexologist and professional member of the Association of Reflexologists and as well as providing general treatments, in Ware, Hertford, and Harlow I also specialise in treating pregnant mums and those who are finding it difficult to concieve. I am also qualified in Vertical Reflex Therapy which is a more intense form of treatment.
I now incorporate deep relaxation and guided imagery techniques into my treatments, helping to make it a more relaxing and enjoyable experience as well as intensifying the therapy.

Pre Conception Reflexology

Are You finding it difficult to concieve? Maybe you have unexplained fertility problems, or are hoping to become pregnant for the first time, or possibly a subsequent pregnancy but things are not quite going to plan? Problems with fertility can cause anxiety, frustration and despair and the stress of this can put a tremendous strain on both body and mind. As a reflexologist I will be able to effectively aid the relaxation of both your body and your mind; this will lead to the release of tension and stress and ultimately increase your sense of wellbeing, leaving you free to conceive naturally.

Bringing balance to body and mind helps to create the optimum environment for conception.

New research by Professor Sarah Berga of the Emory University, Atlanta Georgia reveals that stress may be the cause of infertility in some women, as a high level of the stress hormone cortisol can prevent ovulation

" I turned to reflexology after suffering a second miscarriage - I felt my body had let me down and I wanted physical and mental relief. I saw Kay throughout my pregnancy - and post pregnancy, I owe a great healthy pregnancy and a speedy recovery after a c-section thanks to Kay!"


For more information on reflexology for fertility click here to email me to email me

Pregnancy Reflexology

Pregnancy should be an enjoyable experience but quite often the discomfort that it may bring e.g. heartburn, backache,swollen ankles, can take some of the enjoyment out. Even if you are experiencing a trouble free nine months, reflexology can help you cope with the changes that your body is going through with each wonderfully relaxing treatment. Reflexology treats the whole person and the benefits of this can be seen in increased relaxation, release of tension, improvement in sleep, improvement in mood and an increase in wellbeing.

"Thursday morning I woke with pains and after a 28 hour labour Evie Louise appeared at 13:21 on the Friday afternoon weighing 7lbs 8ozs. I am convinced the Reflexology, or rather your fingers and thumbs got me going, so thank you!"


"I did promise to let you know if the reflexology on 11 April worked - as it turns out I went into labour on 12 April and had baby Isabelle on 13 April! I was trying various natural things to get labour going, but am certain that your reflexology session was a major contributor, I felt so relaxed afterwards. Thanks for your help, I've been recommending you to people too!"


"Just to let you know that after my appointment we had a lovely calm weekend and then I gave birth to Eliana on Tuesday. Am convinced the treatment helped move things along, so thank you!
Was also a completely natural birth and I'm sure it was because I was so relaxed!
Thanks again"


Just email or phone for a relaxing, therapeutic treatment.

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Tel: 01920 463611 or 07522718855


Please be aware that it you send me any sensitive medical/ health information, I will only hold and use this if we proceed to treatment, at which time I will require explicit consent from you to hold this data.
If we do not proceed to treatment I will erase this information.

* Confidentiality is assured at all times

* Fully covered by Public Liability & Personal Indemnity Insurance

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